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Greetings/ Sunday/ July 15- 2018

Godtoons International/ Fax Cartoon Network
OAM of the Celestial Kingdom this Week 2018<<< by Frederick Bacskay.

Welcome to Godtoons International/ FCN Fax Cartoon Network and my comic strip called, The Celestial Kingdom on this my webpage titled, One Among Many! This is my comic strip of ideas about how life could be in the Kingdom of God. This is what I know naturally about the Lord for the maintenance and perfecting of His Saints. This cartoon feature is updated each weekend here on the Internet.

The setting for the Kingdom of heaven will be the universe, dwelling within a crystal global sphere where everything ever created and known about by men and women dwells and exists within. This my cartoon panel takes place outside the universal sphere where the Kingdom of God and heaven dwell with my belief in a land of milk and honey for everyone to share in the paradise of God!

The theme for the public is the citizens of this land. It being so, I am trying to relieve serious tension that people have about Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. In this cartoon panel, the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will also be known as the One!

My characters by name will be called, The ONE, Fortitude, Temperance, Prudence, and Justice as the main characters. The background characters will be called, Faith, Hope, Charity, and Virtue. By receiving the vision of heaven, I hope to convey to the public the answer to the void and emptiness that men and women have suffered through in their tribulation! What is the answer to our issues? His name is the Lord Jesus. In all of our tribulations we suffer on Earth, He is the one true answer for every last question we have. He is there just because He loves us! By having faith in Him, only believe, for you will be saved and remembered in creation by Him!

Please scroll down the page to access my cartoon panel and enjoy the conversation of the saints with the ONE and the other characters. Seek and learn from the Father of all things the way of righteousness toward eternal life. Let me urge you to seek the Lord out on your own. Do not be a stranger to the God of our fathers. For indeed it is a frightful experience to be alone one-on-one with Jehovah GOD. By grace we are saved!

Frederick Bacskay

The Celestial Kingdom
Poorman's(C)Copyright 2016 Frederick Bacskay