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Greetings/ Sunday/ July 15- 2018

Welcome to Godtoons International/ Dove Publications and my feature: About Our Mission! This feature section is my Christian prose work that I have written over time about walking with God and other issues under the sun. The work is updated each weekend here on the internet for the public. Please scroll down the page to access this weeks prose work.

All work, for the time being, is taken from my e-book titled: Tales of Love Lived.

Compact and Compressed

The council of evening time is sent abroad by an anointing from the Spirit of God. The glory of the Lord is a potent fullness that the Holy Ghost controls and distributes to the earth at ground zero upon this fateful day of the Lord. At this, the grace of God is shed abroad to the point of predestination in this statement given that man cannot gaze upon Jehovah Godís face because His glory would blow apart the human body. The body of man cannot contain the glory of Jehovah God upon himself. God, I am looking for the most potent anointing found in the fivefold ministry here on Earth. I want the anointing to come upon me so that I can see total truth in one word being compact and compressed together.

Frederick Bacskay