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Greetings/ Sunday/ May 20- 2018

Welcome to Godtoons International/ Dove Publications and my feature: About Our Mission! This feature section is my Christian prose work that I have written over time about walking with God and other issues under the sun. The work is updated each weekend here on the internet for the public. Please scroll down the page to access this weeks prose work.

All work, for the time being, is taken from my e-book titled: Tales of Love Lived.

HO Joe

A vision is being given to men, by their wives who inspire them during moments of indirection to follow through with confidence established in the name of Jesus of Nazareth!

O God Almighty… Hear my cry, for loneliness has over taken me this day. Not by sight or by my spirit, God, you are one who judges all things with your ability to govern! What does God have to say to those who are His friends as servants of the most high? What is this, O most high, who has us in the midst of His Spirit? Lord, my body hurts as I sit here in the congregation of this church where there is praise where I grew up in God. There is just too much noise here today that is affecting my relaxed state where life is not always perfect in my confusion, that is needed to get your attention, O Jehovah.

The story remains as usual. When, O God, the creator of all things, when will you do a new work for me that has never been written or even spoken? When will I be confident in knowing this portion for me that shall be done? Is this a new work for the healing process of the mind?

I see a difference of opinion for Christians at church who hate. Sorry friends at the church I attended for the last 20 to 30 years. They are trying to snuff me out because they think I have a dangerous outlook on the church. First the natural birth as a child, then later in life the spiritual birth into Christianity being born into the family of God. The security team always watches me during the church service? Why don’t they just back off? No one here is trying to harm anyone. Where is their faith in God for the smooth transition of events?

The power of God is with us tonight. God, even Himself, has spoken the universe into existence. Brother sun under the moon, causes our problems for us here on earth that we have come to learn about ourselves in the fast-paced lifestyle that we live and then come to the progression of time in our history. What is our decision to make, yea or nay? God has given us 80- 120 years, at the most, to decide to accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and live life with Him for eternity. The decision is ours to make whether to love the Shepherd of our soul forever or become lost eternally. God doesn’t really talk to us like that… He wants us to love Him by free choice… He knows that He cannot make us love Him!

Frederick Bacskay